A brief introduction 

ParkProfs is a multinational team of leisure experts who are experienced at the set-up and operations of Amusement Parks and Family Entertainment Centers. We have been active in the international leisure sector for more than 25 years and managed, consulted and organised a wide variety of Parks and FECs: Attraction and Theme Parks, Snow Parks and Animal Parks.


Our team has a world-wide presence. With our international experts, we provide a close follow-up at places all around the world.


The ParkProfs team is diverse but close-kit. We know each client is different. That’s why we easily adapt to challenges and visions of your organization. 


We work with predetermined deliverables. The scope of our work can be expanded by mutual agreement. We can work both remotely and on location.

Our Services


Our team is specialised in start-up management for Amusement Parks. We set up the organizational structures for departments, we implement procedures, we recruit and train local staff, we check the safety features, we set-up a finance control system and we manage the complex process in the pre-opening phase. ParkProfs can get Amusement Parks up and running in an agreed timespan.


ParkProfs offers temporary management resources and skills for Amusement Parks during a period of transition, a crisis or during organizational change. Our team members can skillfully adapt to the workethics and culture of the organisation. The specialists of ParkProfs are suitable and available when permanent management roles are unnecessary or impossible to find on short notice.


One of our core services is the development of a detailed business plan and feasibility report. From financial and operational standpoints, we review and redefine the business objectives and we lay out a road map. Additionaly, this report can serve as a key point of reference for the management, employees, partners and investors.


Our experts can develop a training program for Executive, Senior and Junior Management teams. With this program the Park staff will be able to manage ride operations, to work efficiently and to guarantee safety. After the training period, ParkProfs will be available on stand-by from distance to monitor and answer questions in case needed.


We develop a permanent staff training that covers all levels of park staff. Our trainings focus on guest service, guest satisfaction, ride safety, park sales, hygiene, sustainability, time management and hospitality. Your own Park Academy guarantees reliable and motivated staff that are in a continuous learning process.


Standard Operational Procedures (SOP’s) are a necessity for Amusement Parks to guarantee safety and to standarize operational procedures. Our Park Professionals are pleased to review outdated SOP’s and update them to the latest standards. Manuals, procedures, rules and regulations for attractions, shows and rides are integrated in detail. 


New technology offers a variety of possibilities to price your park admissions, attractions, activities, F&B and retail. The Pandemic forced many parks to adjust to more local visitors and to convert from an all-including Entrance ticket to Pay-per-Ride tickets. Parkprofs has extensive experience in creating different models in different situations.

Parks we’ve had the pleasure of working with: 

Wonderhall Perm

Meet our team

The ParkProfs Team worked in Europe, Russia, South East Asia, The Middle-East and Africa. With a core team and a solid network of international specialists ParkProfs can deliver services for every department in Park Operations for both short-term and long-terms assignments.
For each project ParkProfs examines which specific combination of disciplines is required and sets up a specialized project team. This team can change in composition during the various stages of the project. In this way ParkProfs works flexible, efficient and economic.

Sven Versteegh

Chief Executive Officer

Mignonne Pijnenburg

Managing Partner

Denis  Dankovtsev

Operations Expert

Erol Arat 

Technical Expert

Natalia Novozhilova 

F&B Expert 

Fernanda de Beir

Staff Training Expert

Brecht Versteegh

Financial Expert 

Olga Beliaeva

Guest Relations Specialist

Geoffrey van der Vet

Operations Expert

Merel Versteegh 

Office Manager

Christoph Seidl

Installation Expert 

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